Juris Civilis Disciplina

In real estate issues the firm combines its rich experience in all relevant areas of law.

Counseling in real estate issues requires combined knowledge and exprerience in various areas of law, like civil law, construction law, country and urban planning law, environmental law, administrative law, enforcement law and tax law.

It has to be underlined that a tax clearence certificate is necessary in Greece for all real estate property transactions. Thus, tax law is very often involved in property transactions, though the transaction as such may be free of tax issues. Besides, Greek income tax law imposes various procedural obligations to owners of real estate in Greece, like the obligation to name a legitimate funding of any new purchase of real estate in the are of tax return.

It is exactly for this reason that the firm's expertise in tax law is of extreme importance also in the field of real estate. Matsos & Associates, being a law office focusing primarily - but not only - on tax law and having established knowledge in all relevant areas of law, achieves an almost unique, in the Greek market, level of services in real estate issues.

The firm has handled many complicated real estate issues, leading, among other, to successful purchase deals.