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Matsos & Associates have successfully handled extremely complicated maritime legal issues.


Greece is renowned for its extremely successful maritime sector, especially in the are of open sea international transport of goods.

Cornerstone of this successful global Greek presence in this crucial field of the economy is a long-established tax system providing exemption from income and corporate taxation and imposition only of a tonnage tax. Greek maritime taxation model in being copied during the last decades by most other European Union member States.

Matsos & Associates' expertise in tax law and specifically in interantional tax law allows the firm to deal with very complicated corporate and tax structures, having offered successful solutions in major issues of the Greek maritime community, like successful tax planning in the issue of the US Gross Freight Tax etc.

An established international way of thinking combined with our in-depth knowledge in all other areas or law related to the maritime industry are the best guarantee for resolving the most difficult maritime legal cases.