Juris Civilis Disciplina

Matsos & Associates handle selective litigation cases focusing on their clients' true interest.


Litigation is the necessary horizon of all legal advice, in the sense that legal advice is primarily given for the case that things might go not as well as planned. Thus, correct legal advice requires much experience in relevant litigation and deep knowledge of procedureal rules.

Matsos & Associates' offer litigation services in all three jurisdictions of the Greek legal system - namely the civil, the penal and the administrative jurisdiction. Though tax law cases are handled mainly by administrative and by penal law, Matsos & Associates have very rich experience also in issues litigated before civil Courts.

Excellent knowledge combined with a fighting spirit and devotion of our lawyers to carefully chosen selective cases have led our law firm to obtain a unique reputation, with many other law offices trusting us with their most complicated litigation cases of all nature. This acknowledgement by our colleagues is our most significant asset.

Matsos & Associates have produced break-through case law in many areas beyond our core specialisation of tax law, like collection of claims (esp. against fraudulent behaviour of debtors), competition law, environmental law and economic penal law.