Juris Civilis Disciplina

Practice in Economic Criminal Law requires full knowledge of background areas of law.


Greece being a jurisdiction, where the principle "Substance over Form" is too often reversed to "Form over Substance", honest people often become victims of criminal allegations merely on procedural and on other non-substantial grounds. Especially in cases involving government and EU funds, the Greek justice often works with a "presumption of being guilty", in the stead of presumption of innocence.

In this way, cases of e.g. tax procedure are often characterised both by tax authorities and by Public Prosecutors as tax evasion cases, although no evasion of taxes is present.

In order to overcome such difficult legal environment, effective criminal defence requires adequate knowledge of background legal aspects, like tax law, accounting law and public financial law.

Matsos & Associates combine their excellent academic and practical knowledge of such background areas with a fighting litigation spirit, offering to their prestigious clientele the best possible results for their defence.