Juris Civilis Disciplina

Counseling, litigation and lobyying in EU law issues form standard part of our legal practice.

Greece being a member of the European Union, EU law plays a central role in all areas of economic and businss law. Thus, EU law has to form standard part of the legal knowledge of a law office aspiring to offer comprehensive legal services to domestic and international business entities.

Matsos & Associates has rich experience in counseling both in general issues of "pure" EU law, as well as in areas of special EU law, like tax law (especially VAT law and cross-border company taxation), accounting law, social law, competition law, energy law, funding (grant) agreements and internal market issues.

The firm is able to represent the interests of its clients before the authorities of the European Union and perform all necessary lobbying for cases that can be resolved on an administrative level.

Last but not least, the firm has experience in successful litigation before the European Court of Justice both in Greek and in English language.