Juris Civilis Disciplina

The firm has large experience in negotiating and drafting all major types of contracts.

Drafting and negotiating of all major types of contracts represent a major part of the firm's activity in business legal counseling.

The firm's approach in in drafting and negotiating contracts is result-oriented, in the sense that we perfectly implement in our contract practice the pricniple that our clients; first concern is to get their deals through, without having legal issues or pseudo-issues posing unnecessary problems.

Although we consider this way of counseling as a major principle of our work with contracts, at the same time we are able not to expose the worth-protecting interests of our clients to any non-wanted risk.

Matsos & Associates has experience with company contracts (including transfer of shares, hiring of company Directors and Shareholders' agreements), intellectuall property contracts (including licensning agreements, confidentiality agreements and transfer of patents and of non-patented know-how), financing contracts (including loan, collateral and escrow account agreements), trade contracts (including sales, distribution and representation agreements), project contracts (including design, construction and project management agreements), non-compete contracts, labour contracts and transfer of property contracts.