Juris Civilis Disciplina

Tricky debtors have had no chances against the expertise and the persistence of Matsos & Associates.

Greece is a jurisdiction with complicated, heavy and costly rules regarding collection of claims. Debtors take advantage of this complicated framework too often. Thus creditors, both domestic and international, have usually many difficulties in collecting their claims.

Matsos & Associates make maximum use of the existing arsenal of Greek and European laws, in order to achieve collection of claims, taking advantage of the fact that most debtors are used to face hardly any resistance to their tricks from their creditors. The firm takes persistent and knowledgable legal action, which has led very often to impressive results.

Further, the firm has the experience to recognize the cases, in which no realistic chance exists to collect a claim and consult its clients accordingly.

The firm handles also collection of claims cases against the Greek government and entities of the public sector.